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Archive Appliance Elite
Integrated Network Attached Data Archiving Solution -
four times faster than previous generations!


The Archive Appliance Elite provides a completely integrated professionaldata archiving solution that responds to industry demands for convenience of operation, configurable data retention policies, fast and random access to data,and regulatory compliance.

The Elite Network Attached Storage (NAS) library merges three core technologies developed specifically for data archiving: the high-performance Storage Management System with RAID cache, Archive Management Software, and Ultra Density Optical (UDO).  These elements together create a single-source solution that safely and securely retains massive quantities of data over the long-term at a very low total cost of ownership.

The easy to install and configure Archive Appliance Elite is up and running in only a few minutes presenting as a standard TCP/IP network resource with support for CIFS, NFS, and FTP protocols. All data written to the library is cached to RAID providing faster access to active data and then committed to UDO for long-term archiving, based on user-defined policies.

Storage Management System (SMS)
The SMS advanced technical features enable active data to be ingested and written to UDO media four- times faster than previous generations. The high-performing SMS includes:

  • Archive Controller w/Quad Core Processors
  • 24TB RAID Cache (Max Raw; 4, 8 or 12 Drive)
  • Hardware RAID Controller w/BBU
  • RAID configuration protection
  • SAS Connectivity (within the SMS)
  • System Storage Manager (SSM)
  • Dual Gbe Ports (bondable for failover or load balancing)
  • Redundant power supplies

The highly-configurable Archive Management Software adapts to any industry enabling businesses to comply with the varying regulations associated with data retention. The Appliance can be managed via the easy-to-navigate interface which allows operators to quickly and easily respond to changing data requirements and automated notifications. The Archive Management software has powerful options designed to support your data archiving environment including Cloud-Integrated Storage (CiS) and Encryption.

At the heart of the Enhanced Archive Appliance is regulatory compliant UDO Technology. This true WORM (Write Once Read Many) media offers superior longevity and data authenticity making it a cornerstone for organizations that are subject to industry regulations that mandate record authenticity.

Entry-Midrange Elite Models

Entry to midrange models with a data archiving capacity of 1.2 TB-10.4 TB, are slot licensed. These models scale to meet future data archiving requirements resulting in investment protection for your business. Additionally, if capacity demands require, an extension library can be added extending data capacity to up to 20.8 TB. There are many benefits to the intrinsic scalability of these models:

  • Empowers your business to expand incrementally as data archiving requirements increase
  • Minimizes initial impact on IT budgets by purchasing only what is needed for today while maintaining the potential for expansion
  • Allows IT departments to budget/plan for expansion
  • Accommodate data growth without changing footprint size

Enterprise Elite Models

Investment protection is a key factor in data archiving. The Archive Appliance Elite Enterprise libraries can be upgraded/expanded at any time right on site by adding additional drives, slots, and expansion bays. Enterprise library capacities start at 8 TB and can expand up to 38.3 TB, fulfilling even the largest data archiving requirements. Additionally, if capacity demands require, an extension library can be added extending data capacity to up to 76.6 TB.

Features and Benefits

Simple to Install and Integrate: The Archive Appliance Elite can help reduce the burden on your overstretched IT resources. Since it uses a standard NAS interface, it can be added to your network in minutes, and easily integrates with your applications.

Optimizes Storage Resource: Deploying an Archive Appliance Elite optimizes your storage resources by off loading static data from expensive primary storage, and reducing the corresponding administration and cost of daily backup operations.

Environmentally Responsible: The Archive Appliance Elite consumes less energy than other all-disk archive products. Not only can you can save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your archive, but you can rest easy knowing that your company is being environmentally responsible. 

Fast Access: The integrated RAID cache provides fast retrieval for your most recently accessed archive data. And most configurations support a cache capacity up to 24TB RAW for maximum performance.

Uncompromised Record Authenticity:
UDO true WORM media meets the highest standards for “non-rewritable, non-erasable” media, allowing you to comply with regulatory requirements. 


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